Expose Thrive!
Thrive LIES in their fake clinics and in their "Best Choice" public school sex ed curriculum based in shame, judgment, and fear

Thrive's Agenda Revealed: Videos

Thrive President Bridget VanMeans Reveals Thrive's Deception and Their Conservative Christian Agenda

If you want to know the true agenda and mission behind Thrive's "Best Choice" public school abstinence-only sex ed program and their fake clinics/crisis pregnancy centers ("Thrive Express Women's Healthcare"), just listen to Thrive's president, Bridget VanMeans. She reveals it in the video below.

VanMeans makes it abundantly clear: Thrive and "Best Choice" are driven by a conservative Christian belief that all sex outside of marriage is immoral and wrong, and so are all abortions, under all circumstances. Thrive and "Best Choice" are willing to use lies, deception, shaming, and non-scientific, unproven statements to achieve their political and religious agenda.