Expose Thrive!
Thrive LIES in their fake clinics and in their "Best Choice" public school sex ed curriculum based in shame, judgment, and fear

"Best Choice" Presenters

Thrive "Best Choice" presenters are not qualified to teach sexual education

Below is a job listing that was found on ChristianCareerCenter.com as recently as December of 2016. The very first listing under "Essential Duties and Responsibilities" is: "maintains a dynamic personal relationship with Christ to include regular church attendance, prayer, bible study, and devotions." And at the end of the listing, under "Education/Experience," it states that a bachelor's degree is preferred (but not required). This makes it clear that Thrive "Best Choice" presenters are not certified teachers and are not qualified to teach sex education to students. They have no background in health, medical science, human sexuality, or relationships.

Additionally, below is a newsletter that Thrive sent out about one of their "Best Choice" presenters, who quotes the Bible and talks about God, the Gospel, and opposition to "sin" as a reason why she does this work.