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Thrive LIES in their fake clinics and in their "Best Choice" public school sex ed curriculum based in shame, judgment, and fear

Opposition to Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

Medical Organizations Oppose Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

The following organizations are all opposed to abstinence-only sex ed, and they endorse comprehensive sex ed:

-The American Academy of Pediatrics

-The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

-The American Medical Association

-The American Psychological Association

-The American Public Health Association

-The American School Health Association

-The Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine

-The Child Welfare League of America

-The National Association of County and City Health Officials

-The National Council on Family Relations

-The National School Boards Association

-The National Education Association

-The World Health Organization



In fact, on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website they state that, in addition to teaching details about contraception and protection, sex ed should also involve teaching about consent and also sexual orientation. Thrive “Best Choice” mentions neither of these.


The American Academy of Pediatrics also states that comprehensive sex ed is important to help children and adolescents make informed, positive, and safe choices about healthy relationships, responsible sexual activity, and reproductive health. The American Academy of Pediatrics also says: “Research has conclusively demonstrated that abstinence-only programs are ineffective. There is no evidence that abstinence-only programs effectively delay initiation of sexual intercourse.” They also state that comprehensive sex ed programs showed “efficacy in delaying initiation of intercourse, in addition to promoting other protective behaviors, such as condom use.”