Expose Thrive!
Thrive LIES in their fake clinics and in their "Best Choice" public school sex ed curriculum based in shame, judgment, and fear

List of Schools

Six school districts still use Thrive "Best Choice"

These are the school districts that still allow Thrive "Best Choice" to teach students:

·       Bayless School District

·       Lindbergh School District

·       Fort Zumwalt School District

·       St. Charles School District

·       Lincoln County School District

·       Winfield School District

The following school districts were previously using Thrive "Best Choice," but since Expose Thrive was formed and began our work in January of 2017, these districts announced they will no longer allow Thrive in their schools:

1) Francis Howell School District
2) Valley Park School District
3) Pattonville School District
4) Ferguson-Florissant School District
5) Orchard Farm School District
6) Rockwood School District
7) St. Louis' Premier Charter School
8) KIPP St. Louis charter schools (were in process of contracting with Thrive)
9) Warren County School District
10) Parkway School District
11) Jefferson R-VII School District
12) Confluence Academy charter schools
13) Hancock Place School District
14) Lift for Life Academy Charter School


Thrive is in public schools in St. Louis, MO and St. Charles, MO, teaching students their "Best Choice" abstinence-only sex ed curriculum that is biased, medically inaccurate, and based in shame, judgment, and fear of all sex outside of marriage, due to Thrive's conservative religious "morality" agenda.

Thrive "Best Choice" is being taught in public schools by unqualified individuals who are not certified teachers and have no background in health, medical science, human sexuality, or relationships.


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Demand transparency, honesty, accurate medical facts, and a lack of bias in all public schools and all clinics.