Expose Thrive!
Thrive LIES in their fake clinics and in their "Best Choice" public school sex ed curriculum based in shame, judgment, and fear

Thrive's Fake Clinics Lie

In Thrive's Fake Clinics, They Tell Lies About Abortion

Crisis pregnancy centers--or “CPCs”-- such as Thrive in the St. Louis area, are intentionally misleading, deceiving, and outright lying to women each day, in order to fulfill their political agenda of opposing a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion.


Crisis pregnancy centers like Thrive can only be considered “real” healthcare clinics in the same way that Trump University was considered a “real” university! In truth, CPCs like Thrive are nothing but very skilled con artists.


CPCs are NOT licensed medical facilities! They are not regulated like real medical facilities are! Crisis pregnancy centers like Thrive are nothing but FAKE clinics!


CPCs like Thrive are tricking and lying to women with our money, the Missouri taxpayers’ dollars. Millions of dollars which are supposed to be going to feed hungry children in poverty are going to CPCs! It is shameful that in Missouri, TANF money is being diverted to these dishonest crisis pregnancy centers! TANF, of course, stands for “Temporary Assistance for Needy Families.” “NEEDY FAMILIES”! There are so many families with children in poverty who are hungry and desperately need this money!


For fiscal year 2017, $5.8 million of TANF money is allotted to CPCs. CPCs like Thrive are the biggest welfare queens in the state.


Pregnant women are being misled to believe that CPCs are real medical facilities, but once they enter these fake clinics, the CPC employees use lies and scare tactics:

--They tell women abortion causes infertility. FALSE!

--They tell women abortion causes cancer. FALSE!

--They tell women abortion has long-term negative impact on mental health. FALSE!

--They tell women abortion has high complication rates. -- FALSE! Abortion procedures are actually safer than wisdom tooth extractions. Only 2.1% of abortion procedures result in a complication.


Medical studies have repeatedly found absolutely NO link between abortion and an increased risk of cancer, NO link between abortion and an increased risk of infertility, and NO link between abortion and an increased risk of mental health problems. NONE. But these CPCs like Thrive continue to LIE and say all of this anyway, merely to suit their personal anti-choice, pro-birth agenda.


CPCs like Thrive even use religion with our tax dollars, in order to guilt and shame women. They also lie about the development of the fetus. They describe it as a baby immediately and refer to the woman as the mother. They use guilt and shame and have a general lack of respect for women’s personal choices.


The entire purpose of these crisis pregnancy centers like Thrive is to stop women from getting the real unbiased healthcare they are seeking. CPCs are interfering with women's medical care and are giving inaccurate information to fulfill their own political agenda.


These women are at their most vulnerable. CPCs need to stop taking advantage of them.


Many women go to CPCs thinking they are licensed medical facilities. Those women are in need of ACCURATE information and REAL MEDICAL CARE. They are getting neither of those things at these fake clinics.


They prey on women who are in the most vulnerable vulnerable of circumstances. CPCs like Thrive trick these women, deceive them, lie to them, all for the sake of ensuring that they never consider an abortion, which is a procedure that is their legal right.


CPCs must be upfront about their anti-choice, pro-birth agenda. No more fraudulent advertising. No more lies! No more inaccurate, unscientific information! This misinformation is being spread with our tax dollars! CPCs must be regulated! They are advertising themselves as healthcare facilities, which they are NOT! No more lies. No more of this scam with our tax dollars.


Here are the FACTS:

  • Complication rates from abortion procedures are incredibly low. Women who get abortions are less likely to experience complications than people who have their wisdom teeth removed, according to a study published in the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology. --  “Only 2.1% [of abortions] resulted in a complication—considerably lower than the 7% complication rate for wisdom tooth removal and 9% rate for tonsillectomy. Major complications that required hospitalization, surgery or a blood transfusion occurred in only 0.23% of the women in the study. That's lower than the rate of major complications for colonoscopy.” http://time.com/3623572/abortion-safe-complications/


  • Abortion does not cause cancer. -- “Research clearly shows abortion (also called induced abortion) does not increase the risk of breast cancer. Since 2003, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) have agreed the scientific evidence does not support a link between abortion and breast cancer. The NCI and ACOG routinely review the evidence on this topic (most recently in 2010 and 2015, respectively) and continue to agree there is no link between abortion and breast cancer.” http://ww5.komen.org/BreastCancer/Table25Abortionandbreastcancerrisk.html